About us 

We are quickly becoming Scotland's new go to rec to rec and sales recruitment agency...and this is by no accident.

Since our inception, Demand Talent
has been totally focused on building a strategic, quality search practice based on integrity and high quality.

In 2019, in less than 12 months trading, we were one of the main S1 Job Awards 2019 sponsors, sponsoring multiple large categories and were also a seperate finalist in The Best Recruitment Consultancy (Newcomer) Award.

We are passionate about recruitment and sales, we offer an honest and confidential approach to the sensitive subject of recruiting recruiters and sales staff on both a permanent and temporary basis. 

We have walked the candidate's walk and have also sat in the hiring manager's chair.  At Demand Talent we offer dual perspective. We are honest with our interpretation of culture; we have even worked for a few of our clients ourselves and have been immersed in the sales and recruitment business for many years as consultants.
As equally as important, the Demand Talent team have sat in the hiring chair as directors and managers.
We understand from the inside what our clients look for in a candidate and the types of personality that work for each individual business.
We don’t pigeon hole our candidates into the roles that we may have live at that very moment - instead we take time to have an in-depth consultation and get to know what makes the candidate ‘tick’ and be successful in their sector. Adapting a transparent and honest approach at all times.

With the view of mapping out the candidate’s future career in a well suited company, we take into consideration subjects that are sometimes overlooked by traditional sales and rec to rec recruiters for example: culture, management style, growth, training/support and realistic progression.

Only after this do we then feel confident enough to give 2 or 3 of the best options that we feel is suited to the candidate’s skills, career needs and personality.

We have purposely chosen only to partner with the forward thinking organisations as both the sales and recruitment sectors are currently changing and heavily evolving .

In short, we are in it for the long run and both candidates and clients can expect an extremely professional experience based around a long-term reliable partnership.

For a confidential chat about the market please get in touch with Managing Director, Craig Dunn craig@demandtalent.co.uk



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